2020 Latin America Focus

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2020 Latin America Focus

Language: English

Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2020

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Focus on Argentina
  • Insight into Brazil
  • Company Strategy
  • Product Watch
  • Interview
  • Ranking List
  • Company Directory


  • Tagros: Ready for the Latam Harvest

  • Argentina - Strategic Market for Multinationals

  • Dialogue with Distributors in Brazil: Moving Forward in Their Exploration

Articles Index

  • Overview of Agribusiness Industry in Argentina in 2019-20

  • Sigma Agro: Seizes Opportunity, Steadily Expands Argentine Market

  • Bond between Soybean and Biological Products, Nematicides Grows in Brazil

  • Aerial Application in Brazil: Manned Aircraft and Drones Fly to ‘New Highs’

  • Unipac: High Performance Agrochemical Packaging

  • Latam Market Penetration from ‘Hidden Champions’ -- Japanese Companies

  • Biopesticide in Latin America: The Market is Changing, Where Are the Future Opportunities?

  • CROs: Offer Services, But More than Services

  • Chlorpyrifos: Market Supply and Demand in Five Major Latam Countries

  • Paraquat: Is Ban in Brazil A Foregone Conclusion?

  • Glufosinate: Expected Growth amidst Stable Supply, Demand

  • Mancozeb: Facing Regulatory Challenges

  • Clavijo Benitez Limitada: Your Fast Track to Colombia and LATAM Markets

  • Ríos Figueroa Consultores: Supporting the Industry with Expertise

  • Top 10 Local Agrochemical Companies in Latin American Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia


Yating Jiang

Yating Jiang Follow

Editor of AgroPages


Yating Jiang, Editor of AgroPages. Email: yating@agropages.com

Yutian Lu

Yutian Lu Follow

Project managers of Biologicals; Editors


The project manager of biologicals at AgroPages. Email: yutian.lu@agropages.com

Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Senior Editor


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

Erwin Xue

Erwin Xue Follow

Manager, Marketing Department


Project manager of AgroPages. Email: erwin@agropages.com


Zorro Follow

Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages


Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages. Email: zorro@agropages.com

Ademilson Villela

Ademilson Villela Follow

FMC Southern Cone Business Leader

FMC Corporation

Sebastian Gentile

Sebastian Gentile Follow

Country Manager of Rotam Argentina

Rotam de Argentina Agroquimica SRL

Hernán Ghiglione

Hernán Ghiglione Follow

Senior Manager of R&D BASF Argentina

BASF Argentina

Gonzalo Bravo

Gonzalo Bravo Follow

Commercial Head of KWS Argentina SA


María Paula Lezaun

María Paula Lezaun Follow

Senior Consultant of AgriConsult LATAM

Agribusiness Consultant (South America)

Juan Jeronimo Araujo Muller

Juan Jeronimo Araujo Muller Follow


Renato Seraphim

Renato Seraphim Follow

Chief Marketing Officer

UPL Limited

Renato Seraphim is an agronomist who graduated from Unesp Jaboticabal (SP). He completed a postgradu...

Ruy Cunha

Ruy Cunha Follow

Patria PE Director and Chief Operating Officer at Grupo Lavoro


Thomas A. Unger

Thomas A. Unger Follow

Director of Acrom Agroindustrial Ltda

Acrom Agroindustrial Ltda (formerly Tundra Agroindustrial)

Renato Guimarães

Renato Guimarães Follow

CEOCEO of Grupo Sinagro

Grupo SinAgro

Ivan Domingos Paghi

Ivan Domingos Paghi Follow

Agronomist, Engineer, Director of IP - Consultoria Mercado Agro

IP - Consultoria Mercado Agro

André Dias

André Dias Follow

Founding partner and chief executive of Spark Strategic Intelligence

Spark - Strategic Intelligence

Agronomist with experience in large companies, André Dias is a founding partner and chief executive...

Yosuke Tomoi

Yosuke Tomoi Follow

President of Nihon Nohyaku

Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd.

Juan Agustin Ferreira Espinosa

Juan Agustin Ferreira Espinosa Follow

President at Sumitomo Chemical Latin America (SCLA)

Sumitomo Chemical do Brasil/Sumitomo Chemical Latin America

Vitor Wey

Vitor Wey Follow

Strategic Alliances Manager at IHARA

Iharabras S/A Indústrias Químicas

Matias Santipolo

Matias Santipolo Follow

Marketing Director of Rizobacter


Gustavo Herrmann

Gustavo Herrmann Follow

Commercial director

Koppert do Brasil

Ing. Gregorio M. Katz

Ing. Gregorio M. Katz Follow

Director of TENSAC


Eduardo Perez

Eduardo Perez Follow

Commercial Director of Biotrop


Marcos de Ferran

Marcos de Ferran Follow

LATAM Director of EAS Group

Eurofins Agroscience Services Ltd.

Alvino Rodrigues Junior

Alvino Rodrigues Junior Follow

MSc., NSF Technical Laboratory Manager – Brazil

NSF Bioensaios

Fernando Gallina

Fernando Gallina Follow

SynTech Research Regional Director - Latin America

SynTech Research Laboratory Brasil Ltda.

Fabio de Almeida Domingues

Fabio de Almeida Domingues Follow

Director of Vigna Brasil Group


Debora Leite

Debora Leite Follow

Biotech Division Manager


Biotech Division Manager at Vigna Brasil – Consultancy in Strategic and Regulatory Affairs

Nicolas Gear

Nicolas Gear Follow

Project Manager of Manexa


Plamen Alexandrov

Plamen Alexandrov Follow

Member of the Supervisory Board of AGRIA S.A.

Agria S.A.

MsC Pablo Emilio Clavijo

MsC Pablo Emilio Clavijo Follow

Founder and Technical Commercial Manager

Clavijo Benitez Limitada

Victor Rios Figueroa

Victor Rios Figueroa Follow

Associated Director

Ríos Figueroa Consultores, S.C.

My name is Victor M. Rios and I am Associated CEO of Rios Figueroa Consultores. I graduated in Adver...

2020 Latin America Focus

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