2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

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2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology

Language: English

Publication Date:May. 20, 2020

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Interview
  • Insight
  • Technology and Product
  • Company Directory


  • Stepan: Novel Polymeric Dispersants to Control Crystal Growth in Suspension Concentrate Formulations

  • Azelis: Strengthening Innovation Through Formulation, Accelerating Expansion in Asia-Pacific

  • SINVOCHEM: Shaping a Professional Agrochemical Adjuvants and Synergist Provider

  • BASF: Accelerating Innovation of Formulation Engineering Technology through Digital Technologies

  • FMC: Strengthening the Application of Automation Control and Artificial Intelligence in Formulation Development and Engineering

  • Overview of Aerial Application of Pesticide Formulation & Adjuvant Technologies Launched in China

Articles Index

  • iFormulate: Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC) – The Future of Agrochemical Formulation?

  • Eurofins Advinus: Challenges and Criticality of Analytics for Ecotoxicology Studies

  • Nouryon: A New Biodegradable Polymeric Dispersant for Crop Protection Formulations

  • Solvay: LIFE STIMUL Project – Yield Performance and Environmental Benefits of A Novel Biostimulant Seed Coatings

  • Borregaard’s Sustainable Agri Solutions

  • Evonik: Sophorolipid as Novel Adjuvant Technology

  • Ingevity: Bio-based Adjuvants – The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

  • Agrovista Expands Marketing of Discovery Spray Adjuvant Range

  • Dow: Optimizing Emulsion Stability of Solvent and Surfactant Packages Using High Throughput Techniques

  • Croda: Approaches to Formulating Biologicals - Challenges and Opportunities

  • Incotec: Microplastic-Free Solutions Are Here to Stay


Krithi Shetty B.

Krithi Shetty B. Follow

Eurofins Advinus Agrosciences Services India Private Limited

Dr David Calvert

Dr David Calvert Follow


iFormulate Ltd

Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Timothy Boebel, Ph.D.

Timothy Boebel, Ph.D. Follow

Senior Research Chemist at Stepan Company

Stepan Company

Julia Sheehan

Julia Sheehan Follow

Product Development Chemist at Stepan Company

Stepan Company

Kimberly Chung

Kimberly Chung Follow

Asia Pacific Business Development Director, Azelis


Dr. James Qin

Dr. James Qin Follow

CTO & Founder of SINVOCHEM


Lars Wittkowski

Lars Wittkowski Follow

VP Global Formulation Development & Analytics

BASF Agricultural Solutions

Sergiy Paleshanko

Sergiy Paleshanko Follow

Global R&D Manager, Formulation at FMC

FMC Corporation

Mr Albert Siuta

Mr Albert Siuta Follow

Director Global Formulations and Process Development at FMC

FMC Corporation

Dr. Mojahed Islam

Dr. Mojahed Islam Follow

Senior Scientist at Nouryon, USA


Dr. Turgut Battal

Dr. Turgut Battal Follow

Global Technical Marketing Manager at Nouryon, Sweden



Clara VERNAY Follow

R&I Scientist at Solvay, LIFE STIMUL Project Member


Jean-Christophe CASTAING

Jean-Christophe CASTAING Follow

R&I Manager at Solvay, LIFE STIMUL Project Leader


Frédérik Bierre

Frédérik Bierre Follow

Business Director Agri at Borregaard Biopolymers


Dirk Steinbeck

Dirk Steinbeck Follow

Marketing Manager EMEA Surface Technologies at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Rene Haensel

Rene Haensel Follow

Head of Innovation Management Agro EMEA at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Lesley A. Schmid, Ph. D.

Lesley A. Schmid, Ph. D. Follow

Americas Technical Manager, Agriculture at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Helen Gu, Ph.D.

Helen Gu, Ph.D. Follow

Regional Product Line Manager, Surface Technologies at Evonik

Evonik Industries AG

Guigui Wan

Guigui Wan Follow

Technical Team Lead, Agrochemicals at Ingevity


Qi Wang

Qi Wang Follow

AgChem Technical Team Leader


Connor Bizan

Connor Bizan Follow

Chemist, Agrochemicals at Ingevity


Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald Follow

Head of Commercial Strategy & Discovery Europe.

Agrovista UK Limited

Laura Weatherhead

Laura Weatherhead Follow

Applications Team Leader at Croda Europe


Dr. Marta Dobrowolska

Dr. Marta Dobrowolska Follow

Research & Technology Manager for Incotec


Marta is a Research & Technology Manager for Incotec, delivering the best in class seed enhancement ...

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Daniel Zingg

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Kelly Buchek

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